Akira Ito was born in Kobe, Japan, and started acting as a member of The Second Theater Company in Osaka. He performed in many productions including Straw Band, Bond In The Twilight, Relaxing Room, Average Man, Where Justice Exists, Kuma-Chaka Pharmacy, and also in a mime performance, Fugue for X and Y.
He came to New York in 2008 to study Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap and Hip-Hop. In New York, he has performed as a dancer in Hatch, Evolve Dance Festival, J-summit, PMT Studio Seasonal Showcase,SACRA!, and as an actor in a multimedia production, Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, in samurai fighting productions, Gekiryu and Utsuyo Kakuryo (Samurai Sword Soul), and in film production, Birdman (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu).

Akira Ito
by Shumma Nakatani


2018 Isle of Dogs, Professor Watanabe (Dir. Wes Anderson)
2015 Comedy Rules, Akira (Dir. Taishi Kawano)
2015 Kosher Sushi, Inagaki (Dir. Abraham Rozenbaum)
2014 Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Translator (Dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu)


2017 The Detour Season 2, IRS Drone
2015 Broke A$$ Game Show, NINJA

Music Video

2016 1 NIGHT/Lil Yachty


2017 Jigoku, Inoue
2017 Contan, A Man
2017 Dragon in the Starry Cave, Ref
2016 Harukachika, A Ghost
2015 Hanjo, Yoshio
2015 Modern Noh Plays, Toyama
2014 A Thousand Deaths, James
2014 Kayaba Rockets!, Akira
2014 Kaidan Chibusa No Enoki, A Man Viewing Cherry Blossom
2013 HIKOBAE, Self Defense Forc
2013 Utsuyo Kakuryo, Ben
2012 Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Ushikawa
2012 Gekiryu, Servant
2011 Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Ushikawa
2010 Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Ushikawa
2008 Fugue for X and Y, Principle
2007 Straw Band, Akira
2007 Twilight Bond, Jun’ichiro
2006 Are You Home Now?, Osabe
2006 Operations of Orphans/Beat Him/At The Bench in The Park, Principle
2005 Tetra x Tetra, Masayuki
2005 Average Man, Ichiro
2004 He and Tartar Sauce, A Manager
2004 Relaxing Room, Fukushima
2003 Masayoshi is On My Side, Tsutomu
2003 Existence of Justice, A Carpenter
2003 Kuma-Chaka Pharmacy, A Man in Black
2002 Space Travelers, A Manager